Bundarra web design by abstractal

Twelve years ago we moved to just west of Bundarra a lovely town on the Gwydir River. At that time an aboriginal elder friend from the Wollongong area told us that Bundarra means 'place of many kangaroos' in the traditional language of the people of this area, believed to be shared by the Anaiwan and Kamilaroi people.

bundarra Info

The official Bundarra Community website

The 355 Committee of Bundarra and Uralla Shire Council commissioned abstractal to build a website for the Bundarra Community, to promote the town of Bundarra to passing travelers and it's local businesses. The 355 Committee wanted the website to have the functionality to post events, local businesses and community groups to the website.

Because Bundarra and it's surrounding areas have a population most of which are fairly remote and isolated, we were also required to add the functionality to be able to collect subscribers to the website, so that when events are posted to the website the subscribers can be emailed and notified about the event.

Bundarra General Store

Bundarra is steeped in history and one of our first web sites produced for the Bundarra General Store is for an iconic building and business that has served the town for well over 120 years, the Bundarra General Store.

bundarra general store website

abstractal built the Bundarra General Store website for Mel and Dave Lowell. The brief was to create a mobile friendly website to make passing travelers and the many people who visit Bundarra regularly for camp draft events and other meetings, aware of what was available at the store.

Mel and Dave had also just opened the Pink Flamingo cafe and the Bundarra General Store had just become a great place to meet in town with great food and a lovely atmosphere. The gift shop is always handy for great gifts and as the sign says the Bundarra General Store is the "Top shop with the Lot."

Diamond Swamp Rural Fire Brigade

Both Cameron and Susana are members of the local Diamond Swamp Rural Fire Service, so abstractal built a website for the volunteers of the local RFS to facilitate communication between the executive and members in the group.

This website is a dynamic mobile friendly website where once people join they can log in to a secure backend to look up details of other members. The executive is able to post notices and a notification is then emailed directly to all members in the RFS.

It's likely the The Diamond Swamp RFS website will grow with functionality as the members devise other great ways to use the website. For the most part the website will go a long way to facilitating communication between members without someone being responsible for directly contacting every member by phone.

Diamond Swamp RFS website

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