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New England Care

Gavin McCarney contacted Abstractal to develop a website for New England Care and to do all the branding for the business.

New England Care is a in-home care business specializing in predominately aged care and associated services helping elderly people to be able to stay in their own home where they are comfortable instead of having to be placed in a nursing home.

The business is well established in Glen Innes as Glen Innes Nurses, but they wanted to re-brand and branch out into the whole New England area in NSW.

New England Care did not want a website they could manage themselves, they wanted a well designed website which was optimized for Search Engines that worked well for the business.

Graphic Design & Branding

New England Care

For the New England Care logo I wanted to use a hand writing font which was very clear and appealed to an older audience, who were the potential clients of the business.

I also wanted the business card to be very simple and clear. Gavin also wanted to mention his services on the card, as most of his clients may never see the website but would certainly see the business card. The same theme carried across to flyers for the business, simple clear and informative.

New England Care Business Card Design

I Choose a Healthy Future

Glenn Morris approached Abstractal to re-work his website I Choose a Healthy Future.

Glenn is an activist and a farmer who manages a couple of properties in the area Fig Trees Organic Farms specializing in the production of organic meat.

Aside from his farming Glenn is passionate about sustainable agriculture and turning around the trajectory of climate change with more positive and sustainable solutions to land management. He has won a Bob Hawke Landcare award and rode across the Sydney Harbour bridge in peak hour on his horse Hombre to as the state and federal governments were considering new legislation to increase vegetation clearing, as a ploy to raise awareness in the community.

The website is a work in progress and he hopes to further develop it to raise awareness about sustainable agriculture. He was also involved in Bluebottle Film's movie Restoring the earth, you can access the film via the I Choose website.

I think my new website looks fantastic. Thank you so much for your support in getting the new site up before the big #Time2Choose rally.
Glenn Morris
I Choose a Healthy Future

Image of I Choose a Healthy Future website from Glen Innes NSW 2370

The Horder Family Funerals website

Patsy Horder's business, Glen Innes' Horder Family Funerals goes back over 90 years, previously being R.T.Lightfoot and Co. Patsy and her husband Phillip Horder bought the business in 1990 and now operate with the help of their daughters Nicole, Amanda and son in law Daniel.

Abstractal was commissioned by Patsy Horder to create a website that the business could maintain themselves alongside with their business partners Thorley & Sons Funeral Services. Thorley & Sons Funeral Services itself, was established in 1870 in Inverell, both businesses have a long history and now operate together servicing a wide area in the surrounding districts.

Aside from having a website to advertise both businesses Patsy wanted her staff to be able to post funeral notices to the website so that people attending could easily find their way to the service with a Google map. The Horder and Thorley Funeral Services website needed to be a dynamic website that both the businesses could simultaneously update.

Image of White Rock Wind Farm in Glen Innes NSW 2370

"Wanting to deal with a local business in the designing of our website we engaged the help of Susana & Cameron at Abstractal. In designing our website we needed to include information for both our businesses in a user friendly, informative and practical site so that both our clients and staff could easily navigate and update the required information to keep it relative. Susana and Cameron listened to our needs and concerns and along with their enthusiastic approach we were able to bring together a very fitting site for our businesses."
Patsy & Amanda Horder
Horder Family Funerals

Image of The Horder Family Funerals website

Graphic Design & Branding

Patsy wanted us to create a logo for the website and to incorporate the Palace Script font.

From Patsy's idea we created the following logo, which is very fitting for the website.

If your business needs graphic design work carried out for logos, business cards, brochures, email marketing, online marketing, social media branding or internal annual reports and stationary, contact us.

Horder and Thorley logo design

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