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Aerodat Imagery

Simon Gaukroger from Aerodat Imagery wanted to develop a website for his new business which specializes in aerial imagery for agriculture, insurance, real estate and land monitoring.

Simon did not want his website to be dynamic, preferring instead to keep a static website and work his social media instead, concentrating on YouTube for videos and Instagram for images.

What Simon did want though, was for Aerodat Imagery to be unique, optimized for SEO and to be responsive and able to be used by all devices.

Aerodat Imagery website services section

I could not be happier with it. You have done an amazing job.
Simon Gaukroger
Aerodat Imagery

Image of Aerodat Imagery website from Inverell NSW 2360

Graphic Design & Branding

Simon's imagery is really different, and as you probably know everything does really look very different from the air.

He supplied us with movies, one of which we used first up on the website.

I became mesmerized by the shadow of his UAV on the ground obviously at high noon, it was from this image that the logo was created.

Aerodat Imagery logo and business card design

Jills Flower Shoppe

Cassie Adams purchased Jill's Flower Shoppe from the previous owners Linda and Alan Rowlands in July 2020. The business in Inverell which is well established for over twenty years.

The website was developed to allow the business owner to manage the website themselves with the capability to add images and details to the website, the flexibility to announce different occasions on their occasions page as the year progresses, and archive listings not being used for later use.

The Jill's Flower Shoppe website is a typical florist website, but when Cassie took over the business she wanted to change the website with a new logo that she had organised.

Jill's Flower Shoppe was initially a shop front business, then became an online business but that may change again in the near future.

Jills Flower Shoppe website

Angies Custom Trim

Angie Gordon wanted a website with a Facebook feed as she had been using Facebook as a business tool for many years and was happy to just update Facebook rather than a website. Her business was launched in July 2016 after working in her parents business P & B Romer-Upholstery in Gilgai since 1994. Angie is a vehicle upholsterer specializing in muscle cars, hot rods, vintage and classic cars.

Angie's Custom Trim was such a fun website for us because the material we were given for this site made the job really exciting. Jason Starr's photography of Angie's car 'Cobalt' from Jason Starr Photography and also Nick's images from Phat Photography of the car 'GSHOON'. Angie had won numerous awards for both vehicles.

Angies Custom Trim website

Extremely happy with all aspects of my web page. The design, layout and usability are great. Wonderful customer service.
Angie Gordon
Angie's Custom Trim

Image of Angies Custom Trim website from Inverell NSW 2360

Horder and Thorley Funeral Services

Patsy Horder's business in Glen Innes, Horder Family Funerals goes back over 90 years. Patsy wanted us to create a website that the business could maintain themselves alongside with their business partners Thorley & Sons Funeral Services. Thorley & Sons Funeral Services itself, was established in 1870 in Inverell, both businesses have a long history and now operate together. Aside from having a website to advertise both businesses Patsy wanted her staff to be able to post funeral notices to the website so that people attending could easily find their way to the service with a Google map.

The Horder and Thorley Funeral Services website needed to be a dynamic website that both the businesses could continuously update. User friendly features such as the notices dropping off the page once the funeral date had expired were also implemented.

Inverell blue skies

Wanting to deal with a local business in the designing of our website we engaged the help of Susana & Cameron at Abstractal. In designing our website we needed to include information for both our businesses in a user friendly, informative and practical site so that both our clients and staff could easily navigate and update the required information to keep it relative. Susana and Cameron listened to our needs and concerns and along with their enthusiastic approach we were able to bring together a very fitting site for our businesses.
Patsy & Amanda Horder, Horder & Thorley Funeral Services

Image of Horder & Thorley website from Inverell NSW 2360

Graphic Design & Branding

Patsy wanted us to create a logo for the website and to incorporate the Palace Script font.

From Patsy's idea we created the following logo, which is very fitting for the website.

If your business needs graphic design work carried out for logos, business cards, brochures, email marketing, online marketing, social media branding or internal annual reports and stationary, contact us.

Horder and Thorley logo design

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