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Our privacy, copyright, terms and legals

Abstractal collects personal information as part of it’s usual business and adheres to the NPP principles within the Privacy Act of Australia 1988 and subsequent amendments to protect your information and privacy.

All information collected by Abstractal will only be used for the purpose that it has been provided, personal information will not be used under any circumstance for other than it’s intended purpose and will be protected unless you give authorisation, or the law requires it.

When you visit our website we collect some information which is referred to as cookies, which is not personally identifiable. Abstractal uses this information to gather demographics and develop our services and does not forward any information provided by you to third parties unless they are contracted to work on projects with you as part of our normal business services.

Abstractal reserves all rights over copyright on any material used on this website and related Abstractal websites as our material and our intellectual property, inclusive of code unless otherwise stated.

When you access this site you agree not to tamper with, attempt to change or hack any of the content on this site.

Abstractal provides information on their website as part of their business and as far as is know this information is correct at the time of writing however, any use of this information by you is done so at your own risk, Abstractal does not accept any legal liability.

In visiting our website you may access links to other websites, Abstractal does not accept any responsibility for the privacy policies or content of other websites linked to our website or social media presence.

Our Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time in accordance to the Law.